Columbia University to offer 6 graduation ceremonies segregated by race, sexuality, income level – TheBlaze

Can anyone else remember when segregation was considered a bad thing, something that encouraged racial discrimination and un equal education, opportunities, jobs and facilities? "Separate but equal" has long been the battle cry of bigots. It still is. Columbia University is set to offer six different graduation ceremonies segregated by race, sexuality, and income level... Continue Reading →

Elton John calls Vatican hypocritical for refusing to bless same-sex unions when it got ‘millions’ from investing in ‘Rocketman’ biopic – TheBlaze

I guess the Holy Father is not woke enough this week. Actually that is not the problem. The problem is the confused, inconsistent and sometimes incoherent ramblings coming out of the Vatican have everyone wondering just what the Church's teaching is on faith and morals. No one is served by this. Not the faithful and... Continue Reading →

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