Kamala Harris has no immigration meetings on public schedule

This woman is a total fraud. Vice President Kamala Harris avoided media over the weekend and has no immigration-related meetings on her public schedule Monday, as the situation at the border continues to deteriorate. Harris, who was tapped by President Biden to handle the migrant crisis last Wednesday, made no media appearances on any of the... Continue Reading →

Maxine Waters has given over $1 million in campaign cash to daughter | Fox News

I suppose some people will feign surprise at this sleaze. U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., has cashed in more than $1 million for her daughter through her campaigns since 2003, according to federal election data.null Karen Waters received over $1.1 million for her services with her mother’s campaigns -- $250,000 of which came from the most recent election cycle, reported the Federal Election... Continue Reading →

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