Review #2: Fast & Furious 6

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“The second you go through those doors, everything changes. Our old life is done.”

Dominic Toretto

Fast and Furious 6 was a follow up to it’s prequel Fast Five. This movie was all right. I thought it was a good movie of itself but to follow up what was an amazing Fast and Furious, it leads to this. I just felt like this movie tried hard to become a great sequel after Fast Five. It did, but not as good of its predecessor, even its sequel was better than this movie.

However, it did have some great qualities that it became an entertaining movie to watch. Though, the movie is not without its fault, and it shows.

This is my perspective and opinion on Fast and Furious 6 and how I thought it was an okay and passable movie to watch.

The Bad Stuff of this Movie

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Review #1: Batman and Robin

JMK's Movie Reviews

“So I’m asking you, friend, partner, brother… will you help me?”

Batman/Bruce Wayne

People have their own tastes of what is to be the worst movie of all time. I do have my own taste what would be the worst movie of all time, and it is definitely is a Batman movie, but it’s strangely not this one.

10 years ago I saw this movie and I thought, “Wow this movie is fun to watch!” Then I found out this movie is to be claimed to be the worst movie ever made and I thought, “How tho?” I’ve seen other movies that bore me to death and make me angry, but this one I had no problem with AT ALL!

Batman and Robin is a guilty pleasure type of movie, it’s one of those so bad that it’s good movies. You would need to have a fun time with this…

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Kamala Harris mercilessly mocked after tweeting that US is ‘moving again’ due to infrastructure package when freezing drivers were stranded on I-95 near DC – TheBlaze

This is just emblematic of their total dislocation from reality. Facts are meaningless-narrative is all. Vice President Kamala Harris was the recipient of a big dose of mockery after tweeting Tuesday that America is "moving again" due to the new, Democrat-backed $1.2 trillion infrastructure spending package. Because of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, America is moving... Continue Reading →

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