Pro-Life Activist Mark Houck Found Not Guilty Months After Family Home Raided by Biden’s FBI | GOPUSA

Car theft, smashing police cars, rioting, looting-no problem if you are on the right side ideologically. But if you are pro-life and you have an altercation with a worker in an abortion clinic and the FBI shows in full force like they are taking down the head of a drug cartel. Now they look like the partisan bozos they have become.

On Monday, a Philadelphia jury found pro-life activist Mark Houck not guilty of violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act.According to Life News, Houck testified during the trial that on October 13, 2021, now-former Planned Parenthood Elizabeth Blackwell Health Center escort Bruce Love chased Houck 100 feet down the sidewalk and across the street to stop Houck from counseling two individuals who had left the planned Parenthood location. The two made contact, with Houck moving Love out of the way.In a second incident the same day, Houck and his then-12-year-old son were standing by temselves 50 feet from the clinic entrance and were praying, when Love walked over and stood two feet away from the son and started saying “vile and nasty things.”Despite being told by Houck to stop harassing his son and go away, Love did not, which ended in Houck pushing Love away.“I don’t know how anyone could hear what we’ve heard over the past few days and think that Mark deserves to be in prison. I don’t know how anyone could watch this grueling trial and think that Bruce Love was a helpless victim and Mark a violent monster. And I don’t know how anyone could hear the moving and courageous testimony of young Mark Jr. and come away with their hearts hardened against his father.” Brian McMonagle told the jury. “This case is about a father’s love for his child.”

Pro-Life Activist Mark Houck Found Not Guilty Months After Family Home Raided by Biden’s FBI | GOPUSA

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