Nashville Shooter Manifesto Placed In Secure Crate Alongside Motive For Vegas Shooting, Epstein Client List, Ark of The Covenant | Babylon Bee

Is it me or or is satire and reality beginning to merge under this twilight zone presidency? QUANTICO, VA — According to anonymous sources, the trans activist manifesto of the Nashville mass shooter has been put in a top-secret crate in a top-secret warehouse for safekeeping, right next to the motive for the Vegas shooting,... Continue Reading →

BREAKING: Did V.P. Joe Biden Sell Out American Policy In A Pay-To-Play Scheme? – CDM

It is the only thing that can explain his actions since he has been President. Everything he has done has been to weaken and undermine our economy, energy independence, and national security. In a head-snapping development, the House and Senate Oversight investigators received information  from a whistleblower that raises far more serious questions about Joe Biden’s... Continue Reading →

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