Biden family scandal: Seven uncomfortable realities confronting the Democrat nominee | Just The News

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has offered short, at times, halting defenses of his son Hunter’s business deals in recent weeks after months of ignoring an increasingly clear narrative of a family member pursuing lucrative business deals in the shadows of his vice presidency. “Not one single solitary thing was out of line,” Biden said last Thursday when the questions about his son’s business dealings came up at the last presidential debate. “Not a single thing.”   “My son has not made money in terms of this thing, about what are you talking about, China,” Biden said. “I have not had, the only guy that’s made money from China is this guy,” he added, point to Donald Trump.

Biden family scandal: Seven uncomfortable realities confronting the Democrat nominee | Just The News

Former Biden Family Business Partner Lays Waste to the Biden Family Legacy in Interview With Tucker Carlson

How this guy is still in the running for leader of the free world is worthy of a Twilight Zone episode.

Tucker Carlson broadcast approximately 45 minutes of his interview with Tony Bobulinski done earlier in the day on Tuesday from a hotel room in Los Angeles. The broadcast involved lengthy passages of Bobulinski speaking largely uninterrupted, setting forth a detailed narrative of his involvement with members of the Biden family — Joe, James (Joe’s brother), and Hunter. His description breaks down into three basic temporal components: 1) Events leading up to his agreement to become CEO of Sinohawk Holdings; 2) Events in the early stages of the formation of the company, and his personal involvement with officials of the Chinese company CEFC; and 3) Events which led to his discomfort with the manner in which the enterprise fell into a dormant stage, and how he came to be sidelined as a participant. This is my first pass at this story, and I’ll come back to parts of it with copies of various documents and communications when those are more widely available online. Bobulinski has a long history of participation in international business operations and finance.  In that career experience he came to be acquainted with James Gilliar, a British investor and entrepreneur with similar experiences and background.  In 2015 Gilliar contacted Bobulinski and let him know he was in the process of working on a business enterprise that would involve one of the most prominent US families and overseas investors.  He told Bobulinski that there might be a role for him once the business plan was further developed and heading towards becoming operational. But at some point in 2016, and into 2017 he was brought into the conversation and planning of matters with James Biden and Hunter Biden.  He met Rob Walker who was a close associate of the Biden family that Gilliar had been working with. Walker told him that he was a “proxy” for the Biden family in arranging transactions for them around the world.  Bobulinski understood that the plan was to involve a partnership venture between a US group including Biden family members and a Chinese Energy company known as CEFC.

Former Biden Family Business Partner Lays Waste to the Biden Family Legacy in Interview With Tucker Carlson

Parents Of Man Killed By Illegal Immigrant Kicked Out Of Kamala Harris’ Office

This is the treatment you can expect from this “unifying” administration. President of all the people? Yeah, right.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has been an outspoken supporter of DREAMers enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. But it appears that she lacks the same level of sympathy for the parents of Americans killed by immigrants who illegally enter the country.  Breitbart News reported that two Angel Parents — people who have lost children to illegal immigrants — attempted to visit Harris’ office on January 15, 2019, but were summarily rebuffed by members of her staff. Sabine Durden and Don Rosenberg told the news outlet that the senator ignored them when they stopped by her office during a visit to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) office.  Durden’s son, 30-year-old Dominic, was killed by an illegal alien in 2012 in California. As RedState readers might recall, Rosenberg’s son, 25-year-old Drew, was killed by an illegal alien in 2010 in California. (READ our original reporting about Drew Rosenberg’s murder, and then-District Attorney Kamala Harris’ complicity, here.) When the two angel parents walked by Harris’ Senate office, they saw a sign that read, “DREAMers are welcome here” in Spanish. Durden took a picture of the sign while placing her son’s photo next to it.  The two parents told Breitbart that one of Harris’ staffers greeted them when they walked into the office, holding pictures of their sons. “I said ‘They used to have big dreams until they were killed by illegal aliens,’” Durden said. Rosenberg said to the staffer, “I see DREAMers are welcome here; what about nightmares?” referring to the killing of his son by an illegal immigrant. “I said, ‘We’re living a nightmare because our kids were both killed by illegal aliens.’” He recalled that the staffer froze after hearing this statement. Durden told the person that they were Harris’ constituents. 

Parents Of Man Killed By Illegal Immigrant Kicked Out Of Kamala Harris’ Office

Most voters believe Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s overseas deals: poll

Imagine how many would believe if we had a free and honest press.

Most American voters believe Democratic nominee Joe Biden was involved in his son Hunter’s controversial business dealings, a new poll has found in the wake of The Post’s exclusive reporting on the family’s murky overseas ties. The survey of 1,000 likely voters by Rasmussen Reports found 54 percent believe it’s “likely that Biden was consulted about and perhaps profited from Hunter’s overseas business deals.” Forty-four percent consider it “very likely” while 38 percent said it was unlikely Biden was involved in his son’s affairs overseas, including 21 percent who said it was “not at all likely.” A tranche of documents reported by The Post earlier this month revealed how Hunter Biden sought to leverage access to his then-vice president father to make millions of dollars overseas.

Most voters believe Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s overseas deals: poll

Hunter Biden emails: Tony Bobulinski says he was warned about going public

A former Hunter Biden business partner said Tuesday he was warned against going public with information about their business dealings when another ex-partner told him: “You’re just going to bury all of us.” During an appearance on Fox News, Tony Bobulinski said he spoke with former partner Rob Walker to demand that Walker get US Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) to retract his claim that The Post’s recent reporting on Hunter Biden’s emails was part of a Russian-orchestrated “smear on Joe Biden.” Host Tucker Carlson then played a snippet of an audio recording that Bobulinski said was part of the phone conversation. “If he doesn’t come out, on record, I am providing the facts,” Bobulinski said.

Hunter Biden emails: Tony Bobulinski says he was warned about going public

Dodgers win World Series after Rays’ questionable Blake Snell decision

But who cares?

Rays manager Kevin Cash’s decision to lift a dominating Blake Snell on Tuesday night in Game 6 of the World Series will be talked about forever and add rocket fuel to the debate about the place of analytics in baseball. And the Dodgers will love hearing every word of the story, since the decision played a big part in them winning their first World Series title since 1988, a pulsating 3-1 victory at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. What made the Dodgers’ title bittersweet was third baseman Justin Turner being removed from the game after the seventh inning because of a positive COVID-19 test. Snell was cruising through 5 ¹/₃ innings in which he hadn’t given up a run, allowed two singles, didn’t issue a walk and struck out nine. Then Cash, sticking to a plan that was used very successfully throughout the 60-game regular season and the postseason, called for right-hander Nick Anderson.

Dodgers win World Series after Rays’ questionable Blake Snell decision

Commentary: New Revelations on the Biden Family Scandal; October’s Surprise Part Two and Counting – Tennessee Star

Commentary: New Revelations on the Biden Family Scandal; October’s Surprise Part Two and Counting October 28, 2020 Admin by Julie Strauss Levin   It is hard to keep up with the Biden Family Scandal (yes, it’s worthy of a title) because more information unfolds daily.  Joe Biden is counting the hours, no minutes, until this election is over.  For every moment that passes and the Democrat media, in lock step with Democrat Big Tech, censors, Joe is hoping few will learn that the Biden family got millions of dollars from foreign entities and even foreign governments by using Joe’s position as Vice President of the United States. Put another way:  The Biden family used, exploited and abused the Office of the Vice Presidency to enrich the Biden family by millions and millions of dollars.  Biden ducks and denies, but all the hair-splitting in the world and all of the carefully crafted wording by his campaign spinners and surrogates doesn’t negate that. Here is a brief synopsis.  Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, reportedly abandoned his laptop with about 40,000 emails on it. These emails show that the Biden family made millions of dollars from deals with foreign entities (think China, Russia and the Ukraine for starters), beginning when Joe was Vice President.  (We won’t get into potential activity during his 35 plus Senate years). The FBI has verified that these are Hunter’s emails, as has Congressman Jim Jordan. Add to that, separate and corroborating emails and texts provided by Tony Bobulinski, ex-CEO of SinoHawk Holdings, an entity run by Biden family members in partnership with a now defunct, bankrupt Chinese energy company.  Mr. Bobulinski has come forward to turn over to the FBI and the Senate three cell phones bursting with information concerning the Biden Family business deals, including involvement by Joe Biden himself. The Senate Homeland Security Committee already issued an 87-page interim report last month, revealing details about the web of business deals and the millions of dollars flowing from foreign countries to Biden coffers.  Committee chairman Senator Johnson put it succinctly when he recently said: When [Joe Biden] said in the tail end of 2019 that he never spoke to his son about his overseas business dealings, that was a lie. We know in testimony now from Amos Hochstein [top adviser to then-VP Biden on international energy affairs], who is the only people of [sic] we know of that actually spoke directly to the vice president about this glaring conflict of interests, the vice president then talked to Hunter, who then set up a meeting with Amos Hochstein to talk about this very subject. We know that Hunter took a multi-hour plane trip over to China with his father, had a separate agenda, but, during that trip, then arranged for a handshake between one of his business partners, Jonathan Li, and the vice president. What was all that about? So I have never believed that the vice president never talked to his son Hunter. He’s still lying to the American public. And the mainstream media has to ask far tougher questions.

Commentary: New Revelations on the Biden Family Scandal; October’s Surprise Part Two and Counting – Tennessee Star

National Guard Responds As 1000s Of Looters Ransack Philly In 2nd Night Of Chaos; Reporter Brutalized By “BLM Rioters” | Zero Hedge

After 30 officers were wounded on Monday evening, including one who remains hospitalized with a broken leg after being hit by a truck, thousands of looters massed in downtown Philadelphia on Tuesday for a second night of chaos, where entire big box department stores were emptied of merchandise, while officers were attacked and at least one reporter was badly beaten.

Fewer police were injured on Tuesday, possibly due to the fact that they gave the worst of the rioters a wide berth, at one point reporting that there were several thousand people in the afflicted area of West Philadelphia, looting stores and carrying off everything from food to big-screen TVs.

The choice this election day is between President Trump and Kamala Harris. It is rapidly becoming evident that if he is elected Biden will barely serve long enough to stand trial in the Senate