May The Farce Be With You

Is anyone buying this “solemn and serious and prayerful” charade being put on by the Democrats? Watching them process into the Senate Chamber stone-faced, I felt like I was watching some Satanic ritual in a lousy sequel to Rosemary’s Baby. Remember when the articles of impeachment were approved in the House vote, and some of the Democrats couldn’t contain their glee and how one glance from the Borg Queen silenced any celebration? Imagine what the repercussions would have been if any of her obedient drones dared to show a shred of human emotion. A fate worse than deactivation, I fear.

I mean, seriously, I was expecting the Tinman, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion to fall into the back of the line so they could sneak into the castle and save Dorothy for the Wicked Witch of the West Coast. All this drama, but then that’s the point. All that’s left of this case is drama and ceremony. Playing up for all it’s worth for their surrogates in the Propaganda Ministry (MSM) is their only remaining gambit, especially when the articles that accompanied this March of the Wooden Soldiers are not even crimes.   

Well, let’s get this show – and to make no mistake, that is all this is – on the road. It might be entertaining, funny, ridiculous, clownish, and a whole bunch of other things. But one thing it will not be is a legitimate use of Congressional authority to overthrow a sitting President because they know they cannot beat him in a fair and open election. The trial is set to begin on Tuesday. It should end on Tuesday evening but it won’t. The House Democrats have too much posturing and blustering to do before slithering back to their own Chamber. The difference is, the somber looks of sadness will at least be honest ones. 

OK, Boomer!

A new term has surfaced in our culture, which I had heard before but not understood previously, and that is, “OK, Boomer.” Apparently, this is now the younger generation’s catchphrase to dismiss any argument, suggestion, or observation we might make. And I find it amusing that some of my fellow boomers are so shocked at this turn of events. After all, our generation ushered in the civil rights movement, ended the Vietnam War, waged the sexual revolution, and practically created ecology. We, in our wisdom, changed this world for the better, didn’t we? So why won’t these brats listen to us?

Well, putting aside for the moment the argument about how much “better” we made the world, let’s look back at our youth for a moment. Come on now, I know I’m one of the later boomers being born in 1953, but most of you still have your wits about you. Remember how we treated our elders? True, generational tension was nothing new, but we raised that concept to new heights. We institutionalized it in our way of life, even in our entertainment. Everything seemed to reflect the Bob Dillon mantra, “Never trust everything over thirty!” 

It was even reflected in our entertainment. The adults were portrayed continuously as clueless, intolerant, racist, etc., especially if that adult was the father. Almost overnight, we went from Father Knows Best to Father Knows Nothing. We knew best, those of us who were high school and college-age. We were better than them because we were educated, we read books, and just because they had been through the Great Depression and two world wars, that didn’t mean they had anything of value to offer us. We had books. 

And so, my fellow Boomers, ask not why Millenials are dismissive of us but what together we did to create this monster. We may be inclined to think we deserve better because we fought so hard to give them a better world than our parents gave us. But did we? What was the true impact of all our progressive posturing? That’s the topic of my next post. 

Are You Tired of Impeachment Yet?

Watching Democratic lawmakers walking over to the Senate to deliver the articles of impeachment formally, I couldn’t help but be reminded of days gone by when Ringling Brothers would come to town. There would be news coverage of the animals filing into the Lincoln Tunnel on the way to Madison Square Garden for a spectacular exhibition. The difference between this caravan and the legislators processing through the Capitol Rotunda is that the former was supposed to culminate in a circus. At the same time, the latter evolved into one due to Democratic partisan bumbling and incompetence. Or perhaps that is what we are supposed to think. 

Nancy Pelosi looks like a fool right now, and although she may be any things, the Speaker is no fool. This impeachment farce may seem like an exercise in futility since the chances of conviction in the Senate are roughly equivalent to winning the Powerball and the Megaball in the same week. Could there be something else at play here? Are the powers that be in the Democratic Party intentionally trying to sideline Warren and Sanders in favor Of Joe Biden?

Stay tuned

They Have Clearly Lost Their Minds

The Democrats in this country have lost their minds. I am sorry, but it is true. When the terrorist leader that is directly responsible for over 500 American deaths and thousands of American and Coalition forces has been taken off the battlefield, it should be a cause for celebration no matter who the President is who ordered it. It does not matter to most thinking people whether or not there was evidence of “imminent danger” from this vile human being. He has already shown himself to be a war criminal and capable of the cruelest atrocities. His death, unlike most, actually enriched the world rather than detracted from it.

This, in my opinion, is akin to taking out Himmler or Goering or (pick your Nazi) prior to WW II. By the time the statesmen running the world realized Hitler was an “imminent threat” he had already overrun half of Europe with his sights set on the rest. I am not FDR’s biggest fan but he was right about the threat to the world the Nazi’s posed and if he and Churchill had been able to act sooner to contain that threat millions need not have died. It would have been right then and it was right now to take out this piece of filth responsible for so much suffering by so many.

The Iranian regime is a rogue government and its only interest in engaging in the world community is to manipulate it to achieve its own ends. They have no interest in peaceful co-existence with their coreligionists, let alone Israel and the US. It is very telling that the usual voices so ready to condemn any strong actions by the US are conspicuously silent. If even those who do not wish us well and who are not our allies recognize that this cancer on humanity had to be excised, then why don’t Democrats.

There were a few days of “mourning” where students and others were forced onto the streets by the government to express “sorrow” over the death of this monster. The American Press ate it up, some particularly idiotic commentators comparing the this outpouring of feigned grief to that expressed in this country for Elvis or in Great Britain for Princess Dianna. Such utter nonsense would end the careers of these talking heads in any sane society, but as I have already stated these people have lost their minds.

In the middle of all this, the Iranian Military shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet, killing every one on board. First they tried to cover it up, then attempted to blame it on their reaction to “American adventurism” in the region. The American press lapdogs dutifully ate it up, of course, but then something happened that changed the narrative.

Iranians flooded to the streets once again, this time without coercion. Instead of chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” they were calling for the heads of the leaders of their own government. Rather than trampling on and burning American and Israeli flags they were purposely avoiding walking on those flags painted on the street for that very purpose in 1979. Rather than weeping over the assassination of the “Great Hero” Gen. Qassem Soleimani, they were tearing down posters of him and burning them in the streets.

And as of this morning, still not a word of support for these demonstrators from the Democrats. These demonstrators are clearly heroes, risking their lives and the well being of their families to oppose this despotic regime. The silence from Democratic lawmakers and candidates for the Presidency is just stunning. Hopefully there will be a joint resolution in Congress voicing support for these brave souls and it would send a clear and unambiguous message to the mullahs if that resolution passed unanimously. I pray the Democrats and Republican can come together in a bipartisan declaration that above all, we stand with those who defend freedom.

The US Strikes Back

Overnight the US treated the attack on our embassy in Baghdad exactly as it should have been treated: as an attack on out sovereign territory, no different then if they had attacked Brooklyn. The leader of the embassy attack, Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, has been responsible for many American and allied deaths in the region, as well as the deaths of many innocent civilians. He should have been taken out long ago and last night he was. It was exactly the right thing to do.

Predictably, Iran has been rattling their sabers, threatening all kinds of retaliation, decrying the death of this terrorist as an an act of terrorism. Bur this is not the first time Iran has been found incapable of observing even the most basic norms of civilization and diplomacy. They have shown they have no interest in diplomacy and have made it crystal clear that the only thing they understand is swift, decisive and destructive action.

Also predictably, the Democrats have put themselves in the position of giving aid and comfort to our enemies, decrying the attacks in their usual inane, uninformed and knee-jerk reactions to our military action overnight. There was a complaint that Chuck Schumer was not informed in advance of the attack. But as Dinesh D’Souza pointed out in a tweet this morning, “The Iranians weren’t either, for much the same reason.” It is sad that the leaders in Congress of the opposition party cannot be trusted but unfortunately that is the case today.

What happened in Benghazi during the Obama Administration and Tehran during the Carter Administration should never have been tolerated. Thanks to the actions of this President, notice has been served on the lunatics running the asylum in Iran that, to quote that famous line in Network, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

Don't Let This Happen To Your City

I live in NYC, always a haven for progressive ideas and except for a brief respite under the common sense leadership of Rudy Giuliani, we have been under the thumb of one progressive nitwit after another. Prior to this administration I would have said that the worst of the worst was David Dinkins. His administration was so bad that the one of the Bluest cities in the country elected the aforementioned Republican. But now we have the king of the dunces, Bill DeBlasio as our municipal chief executive. He is complemented by an elitist far left wing Governor who seems hell bent on ruining the rest of the state.

This New Year ushered in one of the dumbest “reforms” that can possibly conceived of, unless it is designed purposely to increase the crime rate. To be fair to our buffoon of a Mayor this was an action by the State Legislature and signed by signed by his majesty, King Cuomo, but a real leader would have refused to implement such a disastrous law, instead challenging it in court and probably winning. Judicial discretion has certainly been abused in individual cases but this is an infringement of that power that needs to be tested constitutionally. As it stands now, even if a judge believes a defendant is a clear and present danger to the community or said defendant is a flight risk, he must release him or her without bail.

What’s that you say? This is only for non-violent offences? No, Grasshopper, you are mistaken. Stalking is among the so called non-violent crimes. Stalking is a form of violence in and of itself. Now someone is accused of stalking some woman and gets picked up and released as soon as he is arraigned? Yeah, hard to see how that could be a problem.

While it is true that some poorer defendants spend too much time in jail awaiting trial because they can’t raise bail, it would seem to make sense that that problem should be addressed by streamlining the process so that a fair and speedy trial can be achieved without emptying the jail cells onto city streets. The biggest victims in this will be the poor communities these blowhard politicians claim to care so much about, because it is into these neighborhoods that these “non-violent” offenders will be released.

But don’t worry. The Mayor is on it. Just last night he tweeted in his usual officious and condescending tone about how evil Domino’s was because they charged people in Times Square $30.00 for a whole pizza. OK, First of all, someone who eats pizza with a knife and fork shouldn’t be talking about any pizza place. Secondly, if he were to step out of his ivory tower and buy a slice of pizza in Manhattan, he would find that the going price is about $4.00 a slice. Do us a favor, Mr. Mayor. Go back to sleep until your term ends. You’ve been governing that way all along. Why stop now?