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A Dallas newspaper, in a stunning journalistic coup, has discovered that his thirteen-year-old daughter does not agree with her father’s political views. I am shocked, shocked that Ted Cruz’s daughter has the audacity, the temerity to act like virtually every other normal healthy teenager in the free world. Heavens to Betsy and golly gee willikers! Obviously, The senator has no control over his own household and should resign his seat to get his house in order before this child exhibits further signs of being an individual human being!

For those of you who need help with the complicated task of tying your shoes, this is what is known as sarcasm.

In the fullness of time, it all began with Mary’s fiat, “Be it done unto me according to thy will.” How fitting it is that we begin the new year in her honor. We venerate Mary but we worship her Son.

While the world was distracted by the virus they unleashed on us they have systematically eroded the freedoms traditionally enjoyed by the people of Hong Kong. This is just the latest example of it.

Just about the only good thing about 2021 was that it wasn’t 2020, much as the Democrats have tried to make it so. But I am excited about 2022. A Republican majority, no Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden throwing temper tantrums because he can’t get anything done. I think it’s going to be a very good year.

With the end-of-the-year holiday break fast approaching, the announcements came quickly. A trio of Democrats in the House of Representatives – Reps. Stephanie Murphy of Florida, Lucille Roybal-Allard of California, and Albio Sires of New Jersey – last week said that they’ll retire at the end of next year rather than run in the 2022 midterm elections for another term in Congress. The latest news brought to 23 the number of House Democrats who are retiring or bidding for another office rather than run for reelection in 2022, when their party tries to defend its razor-thin majority in the House amid historically unfavorable headwinds and a rough political climate. The GOP needs a net gain of just five seats in the 435-member chamber next year to regain the House majority it lost to the Democrats in the 2018 midterms. 

Surge in House Democratic 2022 retirement announcements as 2021 comes to a close | Fox News

I don’t often agree with Chinese officials but in this case, they are right. Any boycott that does not involve the athletes is meaningless posturing, devoid of impact and, let’s face it, a farce.

The Biden administration said Monday that US diplomats are going to Beijing to support athletes at the Winter Olympics, but not to attend the Games, after a top Chinese government propagandist claimed that the move shows President Biden’s diplomatic boycott is a “farce.” The Chinese foreign ministry said Monday it had received at least 18 US applications for diplomatic visas. The South China Morning Post reported that another 40 may come in ahead of the Feb. 4 opening ceremonies. The State Department and White House National Security Council said late Monday there had been no change to Biden’s “diplomatic boycott.”

US says diplomats going to Beijing to help athletes after China blasts boycott

At least he is consistent. He was pulling for the commies then and is doing so now, That’s all you need to know about his support for “BBB” monstrosity.

As Bernie Sanders was building his political career as a Vermont mayor, he visited the Soviet Union in 1988 for a 10-day “honeymoon” and returned to America extolling how impressive the communist state was. Just three years later, Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as president and the red Soviet flag was pulled from the Kremlin.  Decades following Sanders’ self-described “very strange honeymoon,” his trip has seemingly continued shaping his domestic and foreign policies and moved the dial of the Democratic Party to the left.  “The fact that we were willing to be critical of the United States … I think that made them maybe more appreciative of our criticisms we made of their own society,” Sanders said in ‘88 when he returned home. 

BBB advocate Bernie Sanders extolled the USSR in 1988, three years later the empire collapsed | Fox News

We live in a very strange country right now.

Chartered jets carrying mostly minor-age, illegal immigrants into Scranton, Pennsylvania have attracted the attention of leading conservative lawmakers in the state, The National Pulse can reveal.

Congressman Dan Meuser as well as gubernatorial candidate Lou Barletta have urged immigration authorities as well as Governor Tom Wolf to explain what one source told The National Pulse were “ghost flights” into Scranton International Airport over the course of December.

The term “ghost flight” was used to describe the secretive nature of the flights, some of which arrived at night, without passenger manifests being made available.

REPORT: U.S. Immigration Authorities Chartered Christmas Night Jets to Carry Illegal Migrants into Pennsylvania.

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