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Every time this guy opens is mouth he says something dumber than the last time he spoke. Every time you think he has reached the pinnacle of stupidity he goes and breaks his own record.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas conceded Monday that the surge of the COVID-19 delta variant at the border took him by surprise. Speaking virtually at the 18th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference at Georgetown University, Mayorkas said, “What I didn’t expect was the tragic rise of the delta variant. And we took a step back by reason of that. I did not expect to be in late September where we are.” “We are confronted with a population of people that, as a general matter, that have a rate of illness of approximately 20%,” he continued. “When one is speaking of 7,000 or 7,500 people encountered at the border every day, if one takes a look at that the system, it is not built for that in a COVID environment where isolation is required.”

Mayorkas admits ‘tragic rise’ of delta variant at US-Mexico border ‘surprised’ him | Fox News

Here’s my take on this. Kamala Harris was supposed to sit for almost an hour with these four women. Her handlers realized that she is such a dim bulb that she was likely to flub even a fawning fatuous interview as this was sure to be because she so often does and says the dumbest and most inappropriate things. And there was just too much of a chance in such a long interview that one of the co-hosts would forget herself and go off script asking an actual question. These “false positives” were manufactured to get the VP off the hook and only having to be subjected to 9 minutes of groveling and bootlicking instead of the fifty minutes originally scheduled.

Ana Navarro, one of two co-hosts who were pulled from ABC’s “The View” live on air Friday due to positive COVID-19 tests, has since revealed the results that caused the chaos were false positives. Producers informed Navarro and Sunny Hostin in their earpieces halfway through Friday’s broadcast that they would have to leave the Hot Topics table, leaving Joy Behar and Sara Haines to conduct the rest of the show on their own. The remaining hosts often struggled to kill time, at one point taking questions from the audience, but often not being able to hear the questions that were muffled by their masks.  Friday’s drama was even more pronounced considering Navarro and Hostin were pulled just as Vice President Kamala Harris was on her way to the studio for an in-person interview. Even though Harris made it to the building, producers explained her appearance would end up taking place remotely from a separate room out of precaution.

Drama at ‘The View’: COVID tests were ‘false positives,’ co-host reveals | Fox News

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