South Dakota Governor Will Propose Bill on Monday to Ban Abortions of Down Syndrome Babies

The slaughter of these special children has been an especially effective genocide. To be born imperfect is a crime worthy of pre-emptive capital punishment to the Progressive way of thinking. To my way of thinking it is a source of the greatest shame for us as a society. Kudos to everyone involved in this barbaric... Continue Reading →

Viganò issues grave warning to bishops who are silent on abortion during 2020 US election | News | LifeSite In a message directed to his brother Bishops in the US, the former papal representative to America says, “I remind my brother Bishops that they were anointed with the Holy Chrism as athletes of the Faith, not as neutral spectators of the struggle between God and the Adversary.” You have the ‘grace of state’, he tells... Continue Reading →

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