Michigan AG will no longer enforce governor’s executive orders after court ruling – mlive.com

LANSING, MI -- Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel will no longer enforce the governor’s executive orders by criminal prosecution, though she urges residents to continue following COVID-19 safety guidelines. The announcement from Nessel’s office comes after the Michigan Supreme Court decision on Friday, Oct. 2, ruled the governor does not have authority to extend emergency... Continue Reading →

We have plenty to occupy our attention these days but we should not forget what’s going on in Hong Kong.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/lEy_qR-nF7o Beijing continues to erode any autonomy that still exists in Hong Kong. The latest out rage is their using a spike in the virus they manufactured and unleashed on the world to now postpone scheduled elections. Coupled with the enactment of a law that now makes all forms of protest illegal it is astounding... Continue Reading →

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