San Francisco Bans Non-Essential Public Gatherings At City Facilities For 2 Weeks – CBS San Francisco

These public gatherings will be allowed to continue unabated, however. And when they are decimated by an explosion in coronavirus cases Trump will get the blame. Progressives are not just idiots. They are dangerous imbeciles. SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – The City and County of San Francisco has banned “non-essential group events” at any... Continue Reading →

Is the MSM suddenly realizing what they have wrought in their unquestioning toadyism to the Left? Probably not.

San Francisco's branding of NRA as terror organization panned by Washington Post, LA Times Two columnists on opposite coasts didn’t mince words Thursday in disagreeing with a San Francisco Board of Supervisors resolution labeling the National Rifle Association a domestic terrorist organization. Los Angeles Times columnist Michael McGough said the label may be good politics... Continue Reading →

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