Committee vote on Barrett confirmation to move ahead despite Democrats’ boycott | Fox News

The democrats behavior during all this has been sophomoric at best. Schumer's grandstand play will accomplish nothing other than give him yet another opportunity too stand in front of cameras and bloviate. This amounts to just another temper tantrum against yet another battle they lost. The Senate Judiciary Committee's vote to report Supreme Court nominee... Continue Reading →

Schumer’s Supreme Court saga not over, as GOP presses forward on historic censure | Fox News

Senator Chuck Schumer's comments outside the Supreme Court building were reprehensible, dangerous, and beneath the dignity of Senate Minority Leader as well as Mr. Schumer himself. As bad as they were, though, it is understandable how Schumer, who rarely has an unscripted public moment, made those comments infinitely worse in his mealy-mouth explanation on the... Continue Reading →

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